My Book Is #1 On Amazon This Morning

What a complete shock ! Today my book is holding on at #1 on Amazon in the categories of Biographies/Memoirs and Parenting and Relationships. We are # 3 in Partner Abuse.

I know this will be short lived because it’s a new book, but I am enjoying the moment.  If you have an extra $2.99 please make a purchase and keep the momentum going.

Here is the link to purchase. 3dcover

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Keeping Some Great Company On Amazon

I found this absolutely hilarious, hopefully it’s a great sign of things to come and a profitable book. Tonight I finished #5 on Amazon for best selling memoir, which is a super fantastic way to end the day. The funny part is, I am right between Warren Buffett at #4 and Steve Jobs at #6. I like this company, even if only for today. 5 again

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Exceeding Expectations

Today was huge, Amazon sold more copies of my book today, then we’ve sold in the past 4 days combined! We end the day ranked # 5 in each category. That’s just amazing. I am grateful, blessed and thankful for each and every purchase. Tonight I will sleep well. Tomorrow will be a wonderful day! Below is the link to purchase my book on pre-sale for just $2.99. This price will increase soon. 3dcover

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My Book

The pre-sale for my book is currently #1 on Amazon under Domestic Partner Abuse. Please help me keep the momentum going and place an order in support of my journey. The cost is only $2.99. Thank you so much for your support!3dcover

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My Book Is On Amazon

My book has finally arrived on Amazon for pre-sale the link to purchase is,

I thank each and everyone of you for following my blog.  My book will be different than my blog, the focus is the child abuse and torture I suffered at the hand’s  of my mother.  Describing how at a very young age, I taught myself survival skills.  Also for those that care, the reading will be easier to follow because of a fabulous publisher, who I will talk about on this blog in the next few days.  Grammar cleaned up!

The next few months will be very busy, interviews and marketing.  Within just 24 hours of Amazon accepting my book, we have made the Top Hot Seller list, and one of the top books to read in several categories.

I humbly ask of you to  purchase a copy for your kindle, you can also download a free cloud or kindle app for your computer.  The pre-sale cost is $2.99.

Thank you so very much again for all your support. Let’s keep the momentum, stop these child abusers, support domestic violence victims and survivors.  Find the strength to tell your story.  The National Domestic Violence hotline # is 1-800-799-7233

Book cover 2

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Please Return To Your Glass House

I’ve missed all of you, ok not true. How about, I’ve missed all but three of you ! Sooooo, to those three followers of mine that are filled with hate and contempt, please return to your glass houses.  I’m not going to ask you to stop spewing your hate, because I am thick skinned and can take it.  My hope is as long as you continue to attack me, you will leave another that may be more sensitive ALONE.  However, your comments are irrelevant to my blog, and will never be approved for the public to view.

To everyone reading this that has no idea what I’m talking about:

The Three Stooges seem to think my blog is “bullshit”, that I’m playing victim, looking for sympathy, and am just an all around rotten person, that needs to end my life immediately. To quote one of them, “Please just kill yourself now and allow the air that you breath for a person that is worthy.” Another quote, ” Your blog is meaningless, it sucks, you have zero grammar skills and are not a writer, I wish you would commit suicide.” There are many more that I won’t give the stooges the satisfaction of quoting, but I think everyone gets the picture. There will always be haters regardless of what a person writes about. If I wrote about food, viewers would attack and hate the recipes. Unfortunately, hate and attacking others is just human nature.  In fact, I am as guilty as the next person when it comes to the natural instinct to criticize, or lash out. I try very hard to not react. I’m making progress, and I’m tested weekly. In fact a month or so ago, I had someone playfully spit in my face. My natural reaction was to break my foot off in her ass. Had she of done this years ago, the end result would of been a brawl.

So let’s talk about my blog.

I am not a professional writer, I am completely AWARE that my grammar is horrible.What I have is a TRUE story to tell.  Every post is the truth, if not, don’t you think I would have dozens of pending lawsuits? These people I write about love to sue. Any legal situation I write about, I provide the dates, case numbers , county and parties involved.

My blog is about child abuse, the child abuse I suffered. The only person that physically abused me as a child is the person that birthed me, my so mother. My blog is a journey of how that abuse screwed me up emotionally. How I lacked the ability to trust, love, have compassion, parent and function normally in society for decades.

My blog is also about domestic violence, how for years I chose partners that repeatedly abused , beat me, stabbed me, raped me.  My poor choices in relationships were a direct result of years of child abuse. Thankfully I was able to break that cycle in my 30’s when I married the love of my life……we are still married.

My blog is about covering up abuse.  My mother was/is a monster , that brainwashed me and taught me to lie. She taught me to never talk about what was going on in our daily home life. Why? Because people wouldn’t like me if they knew the truth.  She said she beat me because I was a very bad, bad  little girl. In my home, we covered up everything that wasn’t rainbows and unicorns. If my mother didn’t want to go somewhere be it a family function, community event she lied, most people would  just say I don’t want to go. She would pretend to be a friend,  pretend to like the neighbors, the church people etc, be kind to their faces and then rage about how she loathed and disliked them behind their backs. Again she taught us to lie, never speak the truth cover up and be deceitful, that’s how we lived. My mother hated her husband, she hated her life, and most of all she hated everything about me.

My blog is about exposing the coverup, not only my mothers abuse toward me, but what I hid for years. Regardless of the backlash of this blog, and there has been more than I EVER expected.  Think about this, how hard do you think its been for me to find employment? I’ve exposed myself to the world, my dirty little secrets, my criminal past of 25 years ago. I allowed myself to be completely vulnerable to all the haters and skeptics.  I sacrificed a career of 20 years, that I busted my back to create, a career that was exciting and lucrative. I walked away from it, I QUIT, because I refused to be threatened of my past ever again. I quit and knew the risk and started this blog. I EXPOSED MYSELF. I’ve lost almost all and any family I had left.  The majority of friends I had for over 25 years in Oregon are non-existant, except for a few that truly love me and understand abuse. But I’m ok with that, I understand, this shit is heavy, it’s raw, dirty and hard for most to comprehend, let alone talk about it.

My blog is about survival. Surviving abuse, abandonment, homelessness, poverty, helping others escape child abuse and domestic violence. Surviving the backlash from my children. I don’t consider myself a victim, and damn it don’t give me that label !

This blog is also about raising children and adoption. It’s only been recently that I discovered psychologically I was unable to raise daughters. My daughters were adopted. I have a strong bond and relationship with one of them, and my two beautiful grandchildren as well as my daughters adopted parents. They went through so much crap with me 30 years ago,  I’ve repeatedly put them through the , “Do you still love me now test” they still love me, and support me emotionally, and my journey. We have a rare unconditional love, they understand me and they understand abuse.

My blog has helped many survivors of domestic violence, they call me, they email me. I understand them. I’ve cried on the phone with child abuse survivors that discovered my blog. Their stories are similar to mine, lies, coverup, PTSD and survival. I know I’ve helped many, and they have supported me. That was one of my goals with this blog. The other goal, was to expose myself, so that no one could hold anything over me as blackmail ever again.

So to recap this post, I’m a horrible writer, I don’t need anyone following me to tell me so. I’ve made horrible choices, that I take full responsibility for. I’ve hurt my children. I covered up my life for years….. but was it really your business? I had rotten decision making skills.  Poor friend choices. If I chose to end my life it will be because I have no strength to move forward, not because one of the three stooges pushed me over the edge. You see, I can’t allow you to have that power over me.

Now, come out of your glass house’s and have the guts, courage and strength that I have within me, start a blog. Send me the link.

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Protected: Enough Of Life’s Lessons Already !

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Protected: It Hit Me Hard

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A Battle I May Lose


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The Day I Was Stabbed

Today is the anniversary of when I was stabbed. The memories are even heavier and darker. The emotions are raw and indescribable.

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